The Trust shall have the following as its objectives:

  1. The Kala Chaupal and it’s Artist Residencies encourage and promote collaborations between contemporary art practices and traditional arts, crafts, culture and practices;
  2. To promote, educate and mentor youth to aspire and actively pursue inclusive and collaborative arts and crafts practices;
  3. To foster knowledge exchanges between different disciplines of contemporary arts and artists, by organizing-talks, discussions, moderated panels, conferences, seminars, expositions, workshops;
  4. To inspire the establishment of arts and design incubation centers for raising the artistic taste;
  5. To publish literature on art including monographs, journals etc.
  6. To inculcate a new generation of artists and artisans by giving them inclusive avenues;
  7. To affect skill transfer pertaining to arts and crafts amongst communities of indigenous master craftsmen, painters, and sculptors to a younger generation of adoptees (guru-shishya).
  8. To give stipends, scholarships, travel expenses, allowances and monetary aids to artists and artisans in India and abroad engaged in any of the pursuits referred to in sub-clause (i).
  9. To encourage artistic collaborations to address local issues and environmental concerns;
  10. To promote visual art in public spaces.
  11. To give donations, subscriptions or contributions to any other charitable trust;
  12. To do all such other acts either on its own or in conjunction with other organizations of persons as
    the Trustees may consider necessary, incidental or conducive to the fulfillment of above-said objectives.