Terms & Conditions

  1. Eligibility – The Kala Chaupal Trust: Kala Chaupal is a Public Trust instated on 25th May 2019 with a clear objective. Kindly refer to the Trust Deed.
    Certificate No./Date; G0Y2018E275 / 25.05.2018
  2. Organizational Duties of The Kala Chaupal Trust to achieve its charter.
    The Kala Chaupal Trust will ensure a qualitative and globally relevant event and work with all the partners/collaborators to achieve this. Wherein the Trust will work tirelessly in ensuring the development of strategies of programmatic intent, media, PR, digital content, social media, database handling, exposition framework, relevant institutional partners-private and public and administratively organizing to be able to reach the Trust objectives as specified in the charter.
  3. Rights & Reservations
    The Kala Chaupal Trust reserves the right to partner with any association or entity to promote the objective of the Trust and the Residency program.
  4. Intellectual Property Rights and Artworks Licensing
    Artworks created at the Kala Chaupals remain licensed to The Kala Chaupal Trust for its own objectives. The Intellectual Property Rights of the Artworks created at the Kala Chaupals shall solely remain with the participating Artists/Artisans/Designers whichever is the case however The Kala Chaupal Trust shall be the sole and exclusive licensee of the artworks and is authorized to deal with and use the artworks in accordance with the charter of the Trust and the Trust shall be authorized by the artist to act and represent on their behalf for all matters pertaining to the ‘artworks’ as referred in the ‘pre-selection of artists’ vide agreement with the participating artists ‘to use and deal with’ and ‘to act on behalf’ in any matter. The artists will also provide a certificate of authentication to The Kala Chaupal Trust for the artworks. The artworks created in the Kala Chaupals may be used for further fund-raising activities for the purpose of other Chaupals and to fulfill the charter of Trust to promote Arts and Culture. The content mentioned in this proposal is intellectual in nature and as such protected rights protected under IPR.
  5. Digital Leverage
    TheResidency Kala Chaupal Trust has already signed a MoU with Google Arts and Culture for which they will support The Trust on immersive and art room technology to catalog all work done at and Exposition. The same link may be shared with the associated institutions/collaborators/partners to hyperlink to multiple platforms.
  6. Declaration
    All the information stated above is true and to the best knowledge of The Kala Chaupal Trust and it’s Trustees.