Oudh Kala Chaupal

‘The Earth in our Grasp’

Proposed dates: To be announced

Statement of objective:

“To highlight the importance of arts, culture and environmental sustainability, through meaningful collaborations, conversations, presentations, and documentation. And to impact livelihoods through direct and indirect means.”

Our Purpose

  • Boost marketing & CSR spends on Art & Culture
  • Build PPP models for reviving arts & culture
  • Create, connect & engage with civil communities
  • Provide platforms for budding talent
  • Provide marketing support, exposure & experiences through innovative models

How do we deliver

  • 15 day Residency + 3 day Exposition
  • 15 International+15 Indian Contemporary Artists
  • Guru Shishya 20-30 Artisans+ Apprentices
  • 2 day Conclave
  • 4 keynotes
  • 4 panel discussions
  • Deconstructive workshops; artistic performances


  • Contemporary Arts
  • Workshops / Demonstrations
  • Kala Seva Volunteer Program
  • Cross Cultural Exchanges
  • Culture Trips

Selling Art



Creating Art

  • Affordable Craft Markets for Products
  • Social Impact Panel (Talks/ Discussions)
  • Guru Shishya Apprentice Program
  • Craft Collaborations

The program allows for CSR and Marketers
to either become patrons of the program or to use it as a tool for brand strategy


30Artisans/10 Designers+Apprentices

Product/Industrial/Spatial Designers

  • Live Projects with artisans at grassroots level
  • New sustainable range of products from concept to production
  • The products-strong cultural reference with strong concept detailing and scalability


  • Submission of the marketable design concept
  • Selectin basis go-to-market probability
  • Singing the Chapel’s Terms of Agreement
  • Opportunity to showcase at Craft Market/offline-online

“Kabira kuan ek hai, pani bharain anek
Bhaande hee mein bhed hai, pani sub mein “



Creating messages around water though critical theatre/music dedications for community drivers

Marketplace/entertainment for school children/family to interact with artisans and buy from them directly and also to watch educative entertainment

  • Small Plays/Dedicated Music/Talks/Panel discussions

  • Above to be digitally documented and beamed over FB live for mass audience appeal.



The Kala Chaupal is adoptive, adaptive and uses contemporary thought processes to influence a new age thinking by building strategic interconnects between traditional and contemporary.
15-day program – creating concepts through the collaborations between contemporary artists and indigenous artisans.

  • Subjects: stories about water, it’s cultural importance, historical significances etc.
  • Bringing to focus indigenous art practices
  • Bringing dignity to the practicing contemporary artists
  • Artisan skill development
  • Creating a focus on new evolved approaches to artisan based products and causing marketplace interconnects.

Media approach: Digitally documenting region by region for focus, influence and behavior change communication. These messages are subsequently be used through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube to share, populate and influence positive behavior.

OKC Journey 2019

The Exposition

“Earth in our Grasp”

7th – 9th Mar 2019

The Conclave

“Chaupal Speaks”

8th – 9th Mar 2019

Jan – Mar 2018
Oct 2018 – Jan 2019
Apr – Sept 2018
15th Feb – 3rd Mar 2019
  • Identification of city & its resources.
  • Core team & collaborators
  • Art Forms & Artisan Communities
  • Fund raising document
  • Formation of Artists & Artisans teams & their deliverables
  • Material & Equipment plan
  • Identification & space allocation at Residency.
  • Curation of Sunday Brunches, Open Studios & City Walks with collaborators
  • Art/ Theater / Musical Performance tie-ups
  • Mobilisationof student community for Apprenticeship
  • Topics, Speakers & content for Chaupal Speaks
  • Finalisationof Venue & Event dates.
  • Reach out to Government Departments, Corporates, Foundations for Fund Raising
  • Call for Artists & Artisan Community
  • Mobilisationof regional resources
  • Social media amplification
  • Day to Day overseeing of the activities.
  • Follow-up with each team on their set of deliverables.
  • Chief Curators – Team interactions
  • Proper stocking and movement of finished artworks.
  • Public engagements at Open Studios, Sunday Brunches citywalks
  • Artists – Media Interactions

Oudh Kala Chaupal 2019

The Responsibility Matrix
Key Audience :
  • Artist fraternity(Students, Designers, Painters, Musicians, Sculptors, Potters, Curators, etc.)
  • Government (Culture, Urban Development, MSME, Tourism)
  • Corporates (CSR, CXOs)
  • Customers (HNIs)
  • Media (Publications, TV Channels, Writers, Bloggers)
  • Public at large

Curated content for each audience would be developed to create awareness, engagement & participation with each of the audience group.

The event is split into two (Residency and Exposition), a three pronged strategy is planned for media engagement for both

  • Pre Event
  • During Event
  • Post Event

Media Engagement - Residency

Pre- Event During Event Post Event
Pre-Event Press Release Coordinate media visits Press Release on completion of residency
Media invites Daily updates on art collaboration Share picture bank of residency
Share event flow 1-on-1 interactions with panellists  
Share Artist Profiles 1-on-1 interactions with official spokespeople (profiling)  
Share spokesperson profiles 1-on-1 interactions with artists  
  Photo feature on featured art  
Listing Press Release Coordinate media visits Press Release on completion of residency
Media invites and coordination for fam trip/junket 1-on-1 interactions with panellists Share picture bank of residency and expo
Share event flow 1-on-1 interactions with official spokespeople (profiling) Share media kit with all media who attended/did not attend
Share Artist Profiles 1-on-1 interactions with artists  
  Press Release on day 1 of the expo  


Both local and national media will be invited to experience the final artworks on the first few days and this will give an opportunity to the media to live the journey of the artists through the exposition by engaging with them as they talk about their work and discover other facets of the entire experience

Impact Sheet : Direct & In-direct Benefits

Direct Benefits during the festival- Global focus on Lucknow- crafts and ecology
  • Artisan and craft exposures through Residency, conclave, and exposition Direct beneficiaries- 30-35 artisans, 30 artists, 30 institutional children (fine arts and design), schools, Other NGOs, Institutions, community at large
  • Showcasing the rich resources of the Uttar Pradesh region to visiting contemporary artists
  • Showcasing artisans to a community environment and creating interlinks through social media
Projected Influence through Social media during festival:
  • Followers – 30K+
  • Reach – 500K+
  • Impressions – 700K+

Engagement – Reaching the right audience to create conversations and engage audience leading to and during the festival

  • Website visits – 10-20K