Shared Spaces


This exhibition is primarily interested in creating different ways and meanings of ‘sharing’ in the present. How ‘Sharing’, as an understating is been changed with the arrivals of different power relations, privatized institutions, is been transformed into isolated (or singular) structures?! How in a larger sense the city itself is sharing its land, people and architecture through different institutional framework?! In that way, the new meaning of sharing also becomes a new way of control.

The aspect of the framework of the sharing in present itself is controlled by the different levels of subjugations and discrimination. But on another hand, they are co-existing with a diverse range of personal and private territories: culturally, politically, and economically. The exhibition is trying to achieve layered meanings and associations of ‘Shared Spaces’ through architecture, ecology, memory, history, and coexistence of behavioral patterns at different times. This exhibition and the space expecting to showcase a body of work which can add new layers to such larger discussions and propositions. Materially this show will try to open the different trajectories to unfold the complexities of the meaning of ‘Share’, in the present.