Kala Chaupal

कला (Arts) + चौपाल (Collective)

The Kala Chaupal is a Public Trust and a Non-Profit, that uses visual & supporting arts to drive positive social and cultural change.
We are committed towards facilitating collaborations between traditional and contemporary arts; create conversations that impact an in-depth appreciation of art & encouraging a confluence of ideas & knowledge exchange through powerful visual narratives.

Artist action for sustainability

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Helen Frederick

Printmaker / Artist

Key Curator

Kala Chaupal

“It is a call for the artists to think and to create meaningful visual narratives that feed into regional intent”

How do members of the creative societies from all over the world who value waterways and the earth around them, produce images about survival? What are the entities we solicit, for image transformations? When did thunder turn to dust, where do we gather our resilience, and our ideas to be agents of change?

The Kala Chaupal 2019 will feature conversations, exhibitions, panels, and events introducing International and Asian artists to give shape to the traceries of our complex global environment while providing milestones for hope in our age. Carefully selected objects, videos, installations, and new media will be included for reflection.